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Volume 4, No. 3 | February 2009

The Portland Center for Public Humanities Takes Off

A Sustainable Focus

A new and rapidly growing project at Portland State, the Portland Center for Public Humanities (PCPH) offers public lectures, panels, workshops, conferences and other events. With the goal of enhancing intellectual life in Portland, PCPH generates open discussions about our histories, ideas, values, and imagination, as well as their social consequences.

The Center was recently awarded support from the James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation challenge grant to develop a new "Humanities Sustainability Research Project" that will stimulate public and campus-wide reflection on the various meanings we attach to the idea of sustainability.

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Professor Elected to Prestigious National Academy of Engineering

Dr. James F. Pankow

Dr. James F. Pankow

James F. Pankow, Professor of Chemistry and of Civil and Environmental Engineering was elected to the prestigious National Academy of Engineering (NAE). One of the highest professional distinctions for engineers, Dr. Pankow is the sole professor currently active in the state of Oregon to belong to the NAE.

Dr. Pankow's research is used to predict how toxic compounds such as PCB's behave in contaminated air and how they are transported to sensitive polar ecosystems. His work also has local implications. He is studying how fast chemicals are moving from the chemical waste disposal site at Alkali Lake and which chemicals are responsible for the contamination of the Portland Harbor Superfund site. Read more about the NAE and Dr. Pankow's research.

PSU Salutes Distinguished Faculty

Dr. Veronica Dujon

Dr. Veronica Dujon

In recognition of her ability to inspire and engage students, Dr. Veronica Dujon was awarded the 2009 PSU Salute's Distinguished Faculty Achievement Award. The sociology professor's research spans the globe, from water rights in Klamath Basin to defining social sustainability in developing countries.

Hosted by the PSU Alumni Association, PSU Salutes acknowledges outstanding faculty, students and alumni. The annual awards ceremony will take place at The DeLuxe Hotel, 6pm on Thursday, February 26th.

Read more about Dr. Dujon's work and PSU Salutes.

Enthusiastic McManus Scholar Makes Math Contagious

Sheila Hunter

Sheila Hunter

When Sheila Hunter recalls her middle school math homework, her face lights up and a big smile spreads across her face. "I would sit down with my math book and I just got it, it was my thing!" she exclaims.

After devouring her middle school level math textbooks she was hungry for more and began taking classes at her local high school in tiny Gold Beach, Oregon.

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CLAS Events & Announcements

  • PSU Assistant Professor of English Debra Gwartney's newly published memoir was featured in a 3 page spread in the March 2nd People Magazine. A gripping memoir, "Live Through This" recounts Gwartney's frantic efforts to restore her family. Read more about the book and upcoming readings here.

  • The PSU History Department is partnering with the PSU Challenge High School Program to host the 19th Annual Young Historians Conference at PSU April 15th. To find out more about this exciting event, check out "News & Special Events" on the PSU Challenge Program's website.

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