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Volume 3, No. 1 | September 2007

State Funding for Higher Education

Dean Marvin Kaiser

CLAS Dean Marvin Kaiser

We begin this academic year grateful for the significant increase in state funding for all of higher education in Oregon. Not only did our universities collectively receive an increase of $142 million for operations over the next two years, construction funding increased by $151 million.

This increase in operational funds comes at a critical juncture for Portland State University. The dollars allocated to PSU will go toward hiring additional faculty, improving faculty salaries, ensuring student access to higher education and supporting programs that advance student success.

An additional $45.3 million authorized for construction will be used to finance deferred maintenance including much needed structural upgrades to Science Building II, as well as remodeling, research and teaching space. We do need to provide $9.5 million in gifts and other income to fully fund that project.

This increase in state funding indicates a shift in the legislature's commitment to higher education in Oregon. It is good news for everyone.

Marvin A. Kaiser
Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Tucker Childs Receives Hans Rausing Endangered Language Programme Award

La Vieille de Caton & Tucker Childs

La Vieille de Caton &
Tucker Childs

Professor Tucker Childs is garnering an international reputation for his work documenting and preserving endangered languages in Africa. Recently he was awarded a Hans Rausing Endangered Language Programme Award for The Endangered Language Documentation Programme (ELDP). He also received a complementary grant from the National Science Foundation. The ELDP is a response to the rapid rate of extinction of human languages throughout the world. They believe the extinction of languages is a loss of cultural expression for the community involved as well as a loss of human knowledge and diversity of traditions.

Dr. Childs has also been awarded a Fulbright grant for his travel to Africa later this year where he will to continue his documentation and preservation work.

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Itai Chipinda's Thesis Published in Chem & Eng. News

Itai Chipinda

Itai Chipinda

Portland State University graduate student Itai Chipinda's doctoral thesis was profiled in the August edition of Chemical and Engineering News. The research concerns the allergic reaction to LATEX GLOVES which are widely used in laboratories. It turns out that certain small molecules used in latex manufacturing become, in the finished products, irritants that can cause allergic contact dermatitis (ACD).

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Lorry Lokey Donates $1.5 Million

Lorry Lokey

Lorry Lokey

Lorry Lokey has donated $1.5 Million to establish the Lorry I. Lokey Chair in Judaic Studies at Portland State University. Mr. Lokey is the founder of Business Wire and is one of the nation's leading philanthropists. The new position will support a scholar in the Harold Schnitzer Family Program in Judaic Studies with expertise in the history and culture of modern European Jewry.

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Professor David Peyton's Malaria Research

David Peyton

David Peyton

The parasite that causes Malaria has developed resistance to the traditional chloroquine treatment of the disease. PSU Professor David Peyton has developed a family of chloroquine hybrids that seem to short-circuit the parasite's defenses, in mice, at least.

Dr. Peyton's research was featured in the August issue of Portland Monthly Magazine.


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10th Annual John Eliot Allen Outstanding Teacher Awards

Dean Kaiser Scott Burns and Bob Liebman

Scott Burns, Bob Liebman
and Dean Kaiser

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences recognizes the outstanding teachers in each academic area with the John Eliot Allen Outstanding Teaching Awards. The unique aspect of these awards is that outstanding teachers are selected by the students in each academic area. This year over 330 students participated in the selection process.

For the 2006-2007 academic year twenty three awards were given including awards to four faculty members who won for the third time. The three time winners were Kim Brown, Applied Linguistics, Claudine Fisher, Foreign Languages and Literature, Carl Wamser, Chemistry, and Alan Yeakly, Geology.

Professor Scott Burns, Geology, was recognized for his outstanding contribution putting on the event.

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Chemistry PhD is Approved

The State Board of Higher Education has approved a Ph.D. in Chemistry at Portland State. Professor Kevin Reynolds, chairman of the chemistry department, said, "The students, faculty and staff are extremely pleased that the program has now been approved and are grateful to everyone at PSU who contributed over the last year to the preparation and review of the proposal."

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