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Volume 4, No. 1 | October 2008

Sustainability Throughout the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

 Marvin Kaiser

CLAS Dean Marvin Kaiser

CLAS Alumni & Friends,

We have exciting news! The James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation announced an investment in Portland State University with a $25 million challenge gift for the study and implementation of sustainability processes. This special issue of our eNewsletter gives you a glimpse of some of the exciting teaching and research happening in Arts and Sciences that provide a foundation for this investment and its future impact.

Marvin A. Kaiser
Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Addressing Global Warming

Receding Glacier

Receding Glacier

Research by atmospheric scientists Aslam Khalil and Andrew Rice is pinpointing the sources and characteristics of global warming and climate change.

Dr. Khalil contributed to the Kyoto Protocol and received a Nobel Citation for his contribution to the reports that earned the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which it shared with Al Gore.

Meanwhile, Dr. Andrew Fountain was honored by having a glacier named after him for his work leading an international team in tracking more than 100 years of changes in North American glaciers as indicators of climate change.

Improving the Performance of Green Roofs

Dr. David Ervin

Dr. David Ervin

With colleagues across the university, Dr. David Ervin of the Economics and Environmental Sciences departments is leading a study on improving the energy output and economic performance of alternative ecoroofs.



Balancing Economic, Environmental and Social Health

Dr. King & Dr. Dujon

Dr. Mary King and Dr. Veronica Dujon have put PSU at the cutting edge of the frequently overlooked social aspect of sustainability. PSU is one of the very few universities in the world with scholars addressing the challenge of achieving social health and economic development while reversing past environmental damage.

Protecting Waters, From Oregon's Coast to Waldo Lake

Center for Lakes and Reservoirs</em>

A unique relationship between PSU and the Smithsonian is fostering research to discover and control invasive species in both fresh and salt water bodies. One partnership, between the U.S. Coast Guard and PSU's Center for Lakes and Reservoirs, is researching how to protect against species entering U.S. waters from abroad. Additionally, the Community Watershed Project, a student-run project to protect aquatic species and promote restoration of Oregon's streams, has helped to restore over 2 million sq. ft. of watershed areas.

Energy from the Sun

Dr. Carl Wamser

Dr. Carl Wamser

Chemistry Professor Carl Wamser is testing a variety of solar cell arrays for their effectiveness in producing energy. His reasearch also evaluates the benefit of various ecoroof materials with the different arrays.

Dr. Raj Solanki's research in the Physics department focuses on the use of sunlight to produce hydrogen. Some day our vehicles may be powered from hydrogen garnered from the energy from the sun.

This is Just the Beginning!

These stories are representative of the work that dozens of other researchers are doing in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences surrounding sustainability. The gift from the Miller Foundation will only expand this strength. STAY TUNED for more updates.

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