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Volume 3, No.3 | November 2007

Women Honored, Women Celebrated

Dean Marvin Kaiser

CLAS Dean Marvin Kaiser

Centered in the heart of Portland State University directly in front of Hoffmann Hall, the Walk of the Heroines is soon to be one of Portland's most inspiring new destinations. It is a place to pay lasting tribute, to celebrate and to honor women who have illuminated our lives. After years of thoughtful planning and energetic fundraising, the Walk of the Heroines will break ground in early January 2008.

The Walk of the Heroines is, first and foremost, an innovative educational garden park. The names of heroines, living and deceased will be engraved on a series of walls. An on-site educational kiosk will bring to life the stories of women's contributions to culture and society, and display photographs and biographies of the women honored. This information will also be on the web at

Truly a grassroots effort, more than 2,000 contributors have helped raise over $2 million for construction, scholarships for women of all ages, and public educational programs into the future. Upon visiting the site, the Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities proclaimed the project "absolutely unique" and likely to become a prototype for other cities to emulate.

With the holidays just around the corner, consider honoring someone very special on Portland's Walk of the Heroines. Visit the web site for honoring opportunities.

Marvin A. Kaiser
Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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U.S. Geological Survey Partners with PSU

Andrew Fountain and Lindsay Derochers

Andrew Fountain and Lindsay Derochers

The U.S. Geological Survey Oregon Water Science Center (USGS) has moved to the Portland State campus and entered into a joint agreement with the University for collaborative research, education and outreach. PSU held a reception for the USGS on October 25th. The PSU Faculty, Administration and the USGS staff were very excited about the new partnership.

Andrew Fountain, Chair of the Geology Department said, "The move is important due to the breadth of research on water science that the USGS brings to PSU." The USGS and PSU have a long history of collaboration on a variety of research and education activities.

With this new agreement, the USGS hopes to expand its number of PSU adjunct faculty members, continue to work with and employ undergraduate and graduate students, and collaborate with Portland State faculty and students on research proposals. As an example of the partnership, Michele Adams, PSU graduate student in Geography, is a USGS "intern" using data gathered in her work with the USGS for a term paper in her Hydrology class.

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Professor Erik Sánchez

Erik Sánchez

Erik Sánchez

Dr. Sánchez received his Ph.D. from Portland State University in 1999 and continued his post- doctoral studies at Harvard University. He returned to PSU in December of 2002 where he continues his work in the development and implementation of nano-scale imaging techniques.

Professor Erik Sánchez's innovative work with microscopes was highlighted in a recent article in the Portland Tribune titled the "Big Promise of Nanotechnology." Dr. Sánchez describes his work as looking for new applications for focused Ion/Electron Beam systems toward the study of biological systems using near-field and far-field microscopes.

Dr. Sánchez's lab is also a partner with ONAMI, the Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnologies Institute. ONAMI works with industry and university partners, moving nanoscience and microtechnology innovations from basic research through to commercialization.

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Leslie Hammer Studies the "Sandwiched Generation"

Leslie Hammer

Psychology Professor
Leslie Hammer

Professor Hammer is participating in a study funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH) which examines the relationship between family stresses and work stress. The goal of the research is to identify ways to reduce work stress and increase the health of workers and their dependents. There are a significant number of Americans that are caregivers for not only their children, but also aging parents. She is using a unique approach in this study by working with the Business School and Costco in the research.

The funding for her project comes from the NIH which has created a network of research teams from the University of Minnesota, Penn State University, Harvard University, Portland State University, Michigan State University, Kaiser Permanente’s Center for Health Research and the Research Triangle Institute at the University of North Carolina. The goals of the Network are to study the areas of work and family programs and policies, and to improve the health of workers, their families and employers by providing scientific evidence on the effects of change in the workplace.

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Russian Cultural Fair Dec. 2nd

Russian Dancers

Russian Dancers

The Russian Cultural Fair is celebrating its 3rd year on Sunday, December 2rd from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. in PSU's Smith Memorial Student Union on 1825 SW Broadway, Room 228. The event will celebrate Russian culture, music, songs, dance and food. Many crafts, original art pieces, and photography will be available to purchase along with wonderful food items. The proceeds of the fair will go to support student scholarship funds.

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Faculty Receives "CSI" Grant

Robert Strongin

Robert Strongin

The Orange County Sherriff and Coroners Office has partnered with the PSU Chemistry Department to create a reagent that will make it possible to read fingerprints on dark surfaces. Dr. Strongin and the PSU Chemistry Department have been working with dyes with unusual properties which they hope to use in reading fingerprints on dark surfaces.

Professor Strongin is also involved in research that synthesizes new molecules which they hope will be useful as bio markers for major diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

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